Snow globes were introduced to the world at the 1878 Paris Universal Exposition, but they didn't become standard souvenirs until a 1927 patent for a technique to assemble the globes underwater made took them out of the realm of skilled craftsmen and into an era of mass production. The advent of plastic snow globes with plastic "snow" in the 1950s made them even cheaper and more accessible.

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  • Title: Snow globe
  • Date Created: 2009, 2009
  • Location: China, China
  • Subject Keywords: snowman, Christmas tree, snowman, Christmas tree
  • Type: Holidays and Celebrations, Holidays and Celebrations
  • Medium: molded plastic
  • Object ID: 116.7756, 116.7756
  • Credit Line: Gift of Garth Parker, Andrea Bolton, and Kellan Parker, Gift of Garth Parker, Andrea Bolton, and Kellan Parker

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