Spring Drizzle

Kawai Gyokudō1942

Adachi Museum of Art

Adachi Museum of Art

Spring rain and mountain cherry blossoms are faintly seen over the kakei (water spout). The leek field attractively spreads in the foreground. The waterwheel, kakei, and farmers putting up their umbrellas, allow us to visualize the calm daily lives of the people. The composition of this painting is the same as “Autumn Rain” which was exhibited in the Koki* 2600 Honor Exhibition in 1940. While “Autumn Rain” is an autumn scene, this painting is set in spring. Gyokudo’s words: “I can feel the space in the sound of a water spout” are fully expressed here with an artistic touch. This piece is a masterpiece which has dramatic effects upon Japanese people’s emotions.*The first year of Koki is in the year of Emperor Jinmu’s accession – 660 BC.

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