Spring in Lingnan

Chen Shuren1935

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Kapok is one of Chen Shuren's favourite subjects, appreciated for its straight, tall form and beautiful flowers, and cherished as a symbol of Southern China because it is a local plant. Chen Shuren, Gao Jianfu (1879 - 1951) and Gao Qifeng (1899 - 1933) had each presented a painting as a gift to the Memorial Hall of Sun Yat-sen, built in 1926. The subject of Chen Shuren's is "kapok", as a paen to the great man who gave birth to New China. In this painting, Western water colour is used to highlight the vibrant red of the kapok.

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  • Title: Spring in Lingnan
  • Date Created: 1935
  • Theme: Kapok
  • School: Lingnan School
  • Physical Dimensions: w95.5 x h194 cm
  • History of Acquisition: Acquired by the Museum in 1997
  • Highranking officer of the Kuomingtang, Painter: Chen Shuren
  • Artist's Biography: Chen Shuren (1884 - 1948), born Chen Shao, literary name De'an Laoren and Ershan Shanqiao, was a native of Panyu in Guangdong province. He learnt painting with Ju Lian (1828 - 1904) - in his early years and later pursued his studies in Japan. He is credited as one of the "Three Masters of the Lingnan School".
  • Type: Ink and colour on paper


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