Square limestone church tower with clock


Churches Conservation Trust

Churches Conservation Trust
London, United Kingdom

Towers are a landmark to help people find the church, and in coastal areas they have often aided maritime navigation. St Mary's position on a hill adds to the tower's impact on the surrounding landscape. Towers come in different shapes, sometimes with a spire or a dome on top and they often have bells and stairs inside. This tower is now square, but the 15th Century this tower had a wooden spire on top, which was hit by lightning in 1828 and destroyed in the subsequent fire.

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  • Title: Square limestone church tower with clock
  • Date Created: 1301-1828
  • Location: St Mary's, Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire
  • Location Created: Edlesborough
  • Type: Historic Building
  • Rights: ©The CCT/ Adrian Powter
  • External Link: St Mary's, Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire
  • Photographer: Adrian Powter
  • Commissioned by: Churches Conservation Trust