Stanley Shuma

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory


  • Title: Stanley Shuma
  • Story: 1996 GENANDENDAL The moment captured in the picture that I shared with Madiba meant a great deal to me and the people of Genadendal. Indeed, this was an historic moment for the people of Genadendal. This was one of the most memorable occasions that ever happened to me. I was filled with excitement and appreciation for this great man who was prepared to die for our freedom and who spent 27 years in jail. Any one person in the world would have given anything to get just a handshake with Madiba, and here I share a precious moment with this famous world leader. President Mandela proceeded, after this visit in 1996, to name his official residence in Cape Town after this picturesque town located in the Overberg District of the Western Cape. Serving as Mayor of then Grabouw, a neighbouring town to Genadendal, I was overwhelmed to share this occasion with the President of the Republic.  As the picture attests, Madiba was warmly received in the community, and when the school choir broke out in song and dance, he endearingly reciprocated with his famous Madiba Jive! This moment left an indelible memory in Genadendal and inspired me as a community activist to do his living legacy proud as we continue building South Africa into a prosperous and peaceful nation. I will for sure cherish this moment infinitely. Thank you Madiba!
  • Quote: "This moment left an indelible memory in Genadendal."
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