Stoles in different embroidery styles

Urmila Yadav & Komal Yadav of Sadhna

Dastkari Haat Samiti

Dastkari Haat Samiti

Women are skilled and prolific embroiderers in many States of India. Many have attended school in the primary years and are able to use pencil and paper only to sign their names on bills or receipts. However, their ability to pick up difficult embroidery techniques and design concepts is very mature. A combination of these two thoughts helped in developing a design that integrated a trellis of flower motifs, and three letters “k”, “m”, “l”, spelling kamal (lotus) which work themselves into the stems. The same pattern is expressed through a combination of many different types of stitches worked on blue and watermelon-red silk stoles. The small bead-like tassels are also handmade with silk thread.

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  • Title: Stoles in different embroidery styles
  • Creator: Urmila Yadav & Komal Yadav of Sadhna
  • Location: Rajasthan, India
  • Type: Embroidery
  • Script: Devanagari
  • Project Stage: Craftwork
  • Guide: Nishy Singh

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