Stories about buildings

Shang Dai and Ling Xizhu Meng

Sharing & Regeneration - Biennale Architettura 2016

Sharing & Regeneration - Biennale Architettura 2016

As a major method to shape our civilization, buildings as a type of artifacts have been
bestowed a richness in divinity and symbolism due to its unique monumental nature.
Its role in terms of the forms and the visual effects is as important as its role in terms
of the function. When displaying or describing a building, most of us tend to take
visualization as a major way. Images, models, even videos are adopted to observe, from
a dynamic perspective, buildings which are after-all stationary. Buildings, in this sense,
are inorganic, and serious presence of commemoration for us to look at with reverence.
As a story-telling of buildings under the influence of cross-boundary art and installation,
we tend to adopt a not so traditional and comprehensive way to describe buildings.
During the planning of this video installation, many of the contents themselves are not
buildings, but what they are talking about is about buildings. Modern dance players
in the videos are imitating building structures with their bodies, and experiencing and
describing building spaces with the movement of their bodies. Installation made of
wires in the air try to speak the language of buildings in an abstract way, while the
new and solid space can be formed, and a dual solid relationship can be established by
projecting the images of buildings onto the wires - a reconstruction of the monotonous
images of the buildings. Doodles on the ground move spaces to surfaces, resulting in
signage and symbols of abstraction, whereby architectural spaces can be displayed
with graphic design techniques. Ultimately, with the help of media films and video
media used in a large quantity, the original films of buildings and their visual effects
are twisted again. With novel post-processing and 3D special effects being added in, we
actually restructure the visuals of the buildings, by combing the real images with virtual
structure into the final product of presentation.
In this work, it is our wish that the final narrative form presented via the visual
materials of the buildings decomposed through various methods, compared with the
cold and static building itself, could get more closely to the bizarreness and motley of
the real world.

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  • Title: Stories about buildings
  • Creator: Shang Dai, Ling Xizhu Meng