String spinner:Fyrflyz Cyclone


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

The year 2011 saw no Cabbage Patch Doll craze, nor did buyers trample each other seeking a Tickle-me Elmo. However, some new toys sold steadily and well throughout the year. FyrFlyz spinning toys represent an innovative take on a classic folk toy known as the string spinner or string top. A piece of string and a large button create a simple example of this toy, which is also sometimes called a "buzzer." Toy inventors Marty Abrams and Joel Rosenzweig added colored LED lights, motion activated, to create a new light-pattern-making toy series called FyrFlyz. Customer reviews name this toy a good value for the price, and kids seem to love it. Fyrflyz earned a 2011 TAGIE award for excellence in toy design.

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  • Title: String spinner:Fyrflyz Cyclone
  • Date Created: 2011, 2011
  • Location: China, China
  • Subject Keywords: TAGIE, TAGIE
  • Type: Yo-yos and Tops, Yo-yos and Tops
  • Medium: plastic
  • Object ID: 112.55, 112.55
  • Inventor: Marty Abrams | Joel Rosenzweig

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