Suleyman Alasgarov


State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan

State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan

Suleyman Alasgarov (1924-2000) Azerbaijani composer, pedagogue, professor, People’s Artist of Azerbaijan and author of two operas, a few musical comedies, many symphonic works, cantatas, dramas, romances, songs and a number of clasrrom books for the schools of general education.
Suleyman Alasgarov graduated music composition faculty of the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, professor Boriz Zeydman’s class in 1948 and appointed director of Baku Music School. During 1949-1951 he worked as artistic director of the orchestra of Cinematography Committee of Azerbaijan SSR. He led the Song and Dance Ensemble of Azerbaijan State Philharmony after M.Magomayev in 1951-1952. During 1954-1956 he was the ehad of the Art department in Ministry of Art of Azerbaijan SSR. Alasgarov was Conductor of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments in 1956-1958 and Artistic Director of Radio and Television Committee in 1958-1960. Later he was appointed director and chief conductor of the Musical Comedy Theatre after S.Gurbanov for 11 years during 1960-1971.
Alasgar Suleymanov was teacher by 1958 and assistant professor by 1968 at State Conservatorie. In 1950 he was conferred a title of Honoured Arts Worker of Azerbaijan SSR. In 1967 he was awarded with State Prize of Azerbaijan SSR. By 1970 he began to lead scientific-methodical council on musical-esthetic education of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan SSR. He was conferred a title of People’s Artist of Azerbaijan SSR in 1974. He appointed the director of Shusha branch of Conservatorie which was established by his initiative. It must be mentioned that, Alasgarov was a teacher at the conservatorie by 1957 and head of the department of folk instruments.
His works: “Bahadir and Sona” (on the basis of the novel by N.Narimanov with the same name, Baku, 1962), “Pale flowers” (on the basis of J.Jabbarli’s drama with the same name, Baku, 1997) operas, “Love flower” (1945), “Ulduz” (1948, 2nd edition 1957), “We know the best” (1963), “Not that way but this way” (1964), “The beggar son of a millionaire” (1966), “Where are you, bachelorhood?” (1968), “Sevindik looks for a girl” (with V.Adigozelov, 1970), “Hamisha khanum” (with V.Adigozelov, 1972) musical comedies, “For the glory of motherland” (on M.Dilbazi’s poem, 1960), “Under the same flag” (1970) cantatas, “Motherland” (1948), “Youth” (1954), “Holiday overture” (1945) symphonies, “Bayati-Shiraz” symphonic mugham (1952), concertos, suites and romances.

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  • Title: Suleyman Alasgarov
  • Creator: Unkown
  • Date: 1960/1960
  • Location: Baku
  • Medium: Print/ Paper