Descendant of a family of farmers who supplied vegetables and good part of Madrid, Spain and abroad, Roberto Cabrera was launched to the recovery of local ingredients. After investigating with seeds of tomatoes and cultivating the most appetizing species, putting in value rustic seeds to return to the client local flavors previous to the genetic modifications, they found that the market did not support them for the early expiration of a product not used to the conservation chambers. In his restaurant "Huerta de Carabaña", the vegetable garden takes center stage with the support of a growing number of guests who are demanding healthy food, and embracing traditional vegetables as being synonymous with a diet that reflects their way of life.

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  • Title: TBT
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Rights: Huerta de Carabaña
  • Restaurant: Huerta de Carabaña
  • Photographer: Javier Peña
  • Chef: Roberto Cabrera