Temple Finial

circa 19th to 20th century

Jaipur Virasat Foundation

Jaipur Virasat Foundation

In the Nagara style ( North Indian ) temples, a kalasha is an inverted vase shaped piece that crowns the temple tower. The kalash is made in brass to provide a visual contrast over the stone. Moreover, a Hindu temple is rife with symbolic meaning - the superstructure of the temple itself represents the image of the body of the universe - in that context the kalasha, pinnacle, symbolizes the golden sun resting on the peak of a mountain.

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  • Title: Temple Finial
  • Date Created: circa 19th to 20th century
  • Location: Rajasthan, IN
  • Type: Ritualistic Object
  • Contributor: Swapnil Saxena
  • Medium: Brass
  • Photography: Nupur Agrawal
  • Hindi Word: Jaipuri Kalash