Tetilla Cheese

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Tetilla cheese is one of the most popular cheeses in Galician gastronomy, with its own Designation of Origin since 1992. It is made primarily using pasteurized cow's milk from Galician breeds, and ripened for a minimum of seven days. It gets its name from its conical, concave-convex shape, resembling a nipple ("tetilla" in Spanish). The shape is created by the funnels in which the milk is curdled during its initial preparation. This characteristic shape is also shared by other specialist Galician cheeses, such as San Simón.

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  • Title: Tetilla Cheese
  • Location: Pontevedra, Spain
  • Rights: Copyright ICEX / Dpto. Multimedia / ICEX
  • Photographer: Fernando Madariaga / ICEX