The Archangel Michael

Unknown11 th c.

St. Sophia of Kyiv

St. Sophia of Kyiv

Shoulder-length portrait of Archangel Michael with wide spread wings behind his back decorates the conch of apse. In the left hand he holds a sphere and in the right hand a scepter. A crown with precious stones decorates his head and there is an aureole above his head. The Archangel Michael is a presiding over all nine angelic hosts and the head of the army in combatting evil spirits for the protection of human race. The name Michael denotes the extraordinary spiritual strength and power. Its honoring goes back to ancient times, in Byzantium it was considered to be a patron of the Emperor and his army. From there the cult spread to Rus, where it was extremely honored by princely family and the princely army.

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  • Title: The Archangel Michael
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 11 th c.
  • Type: monumental painting, fresco