The Arrival of the Ship

Ivo Dulčić1958

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Dulčić (1916 1975) was a great master of plasticity with an exceptional sense of colours and texture, a master of atmosphere and a subtle psychologist. Along with the heritage of the Parisian school, of Bonnard and the Fauves, Dulčić also took on board some of the idioms of Abstract Expressionism, which he incorporated into his basically figurative works. He was particularly important as a religious painter, because he brought practically revolutionary novelties into the area, as against practice hitherto, sometimes arousing protests from church representatives. He produced numerous murals and stained glass windows in religious and other public premises at home and abroad.
For his life achievement, he received numerous important prizes in Croatia.

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  • Title: The Arrival of the Ship
  • Creator: Ivo Dulčić
  • Date Created: 1958