The Battle Of Surabaya

Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta1973

Monumen Nasional‎

Monumen Nasional‎

After the Japanese surrendered, the Dutch - initially supported by the British - tried to regain power in Indonesia. In October 1945, the British Allied Forces landed in Surabaya to disarm the Japanese troops and to free the allied prisoners of war. The allied forces initially made assurances they would not interfere in the new republic's domestic affairs, but immediately started several minor incidents that later escalated into battles. British Brigadier General Mallaby was killed. The Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces for East Java, Major General Mansergh, promptly issued an ultimatum to the people and authorities of Surabaya to surrender their weapons by 6.00 a.m. of November 1,1945. The ultimatum was ignored. The people of Surabaya refused to acknowledge the Allied Forces’ authority over Surabaya and pledged loyalty to Republic of Indonesia. On November 10, 1945 the allied forces clashed with Surabaya’s freedom fighters.

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  • Title: The Battle Of Surabaya
  • Creator: Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta
  • Date Created: 1973
  • Physical Location: Monumen Nasional, Central of Jakarta
  • Publisher: Kantor Pengelola Kawasan Monumen Nasional