The Birds mosaic

Second half of 2nd century AD

Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica

Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica

This mosaic gives name to one of the best known and preserved Roman houses of Italica, paving one of its reception rooms.

The main carpet presents a checkered decoration with representations of birds inserted. Among the most remarkable species are a peacock, an eagle, a rooster, a pigeon, a sparrow, a heron, a goose, a parrot and a mallard duck.

In the central emblem of the mosaic, almost completely lost, it is possible to see the remains of a head with a ribbon, suggesting the presence of a musical or theatrical scene.

It was found during archaeological excavations of Andrés Parladé, between 1930 and 1932.

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  • Title: The Birds mosaic
  • Date Created: Second half of 2nd century AD
  • Location: Santiponce, (Seville)
  • Physical Dimensions: 6,20 x 5,70 m
  • Type: Mosaic
  • Rights: Photography: Fernando Alda 2016
  • Medium: Image