The camel with a bell around its neck

Jangarh Singh Shyam

Crafts Museum

Crafts Museum
New Delhi, India

One day a poor carpenter discovered three camels - two kids and their mother. He took them to his home and started to look after them. He used to take them to the forest for grazing and to the river for a bath. He thought to himself, “Let these camels grow, they will mate and I’ll possess many more camels. Then I’ll become a camel trader. Our poverty will come to an end.” Whenever he used to ride the camels his neighbors would envy him. In some years’ time, he owned several camels and became rich. The other villagers grew jealous of his new found prosperity. One day one of his jealous neighbors asked him, “How will you know which one is roaming where unless you tie a bell on the neck of one?” The carpenter listened to his neighbor and decided to tie a bell on the neck of one of the camels. The next time that the camel with the bell went roaming in the jungle, his bell tinkled continuously. A tiger lurking in the forest heard the bell and pounced on the camel to make him his prey. The camel died leaving behind a grieving carpenter. The carpenter’s blind trust cost him dearly.

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  • Title: The camel with a bell around its neck
  • Creator: Venkataraman Singh Shyam
  • Location: Madhya Pradesh
  • Physical Dimensions: Acrylic paints on Paper, 19 x 23 inches
  • Provenance: Madhya Pradesh
  • Type: Gond Painting