The Crow and the water pitcher

Mohan Kumar Verma

Crafts Museum

Crafts Museum
New Delhi, India

Long ago, there lived a crow in a jungle. Once, he was wandering in search of water to quench his thirst. As he flew over a village, he saw a pitcher lying in front of a house. There was some water in the pitcher but the crow could not reach it. The water level in the pitcher was too low. The crow began to think and finally came up with an idea. He looked around and found a pebble and dropped it in the pitcher. The water level rose a little. So he dropped some more pebbles in the pitcher till the water level was high enough for his beak to touch it. The thirsty crow drank the water to his heart’s content and flew away.

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  • Title: The Crow and the water pitcher
  • Creator: Mohan Kumar Verma
  • Location: Uttar Pradesh
  • Physical Dimensions: Handmade Sheets, Gateway and Rice Paper, 19 x 23 inches
  • Provenance: Uttar Pradesh
  • Type: Sanjhi Paper cut