The Dragon and Phoenix Coffin The Dragon and Phoenix Coffin - Longer side

Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum
Wuhan, China

This is a lacquer coffin owner is a descendant of the King of Shao Li, he left Yin Chu. His coffin is representative of a nested, two-layered, coffin burial. The coffin is fitted with a double lid, copper rings, and wrapped with yarn as it was unearthed. On both sides fo the single-panel of copper, is a copper ring. All surfaces of the first coffin layer are fully lacquered, and the copper rings are gilded.

The lacquer coffin surfaces depict a beautiful scene of coiled dragons [Ruifeng Fei Xiang] executed in black, red, yellow, supplemented ocher, brown, white, gray and other colors. Much of the dragon and phoenix decoration is depicted in fine silver and gold. On the coffin's short bezels(?) - corresponding to East and West - are stylized (abstracted) dragon and phoenix patterns, and the two side panels are divided into nine units, or four dragon named his encounter with play, or contrary to Sifeng meet four dragon, phoenix as screen to Dominant, dragon phoenix overlap beneath dragon for a piece of double body, coiled into a rounded square, phoenix swagger, wings capuchin. The rendering of the Phoenix is a virtuoso performance of color and free flowing and delicate lines.

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  • Title: The Dragon and Phoenix Coffin The Dragon and Phoenix Coffin - Longer side
  • Location: No. 2 Baoshan Tomb, Jingmen City, Hubei Province
  • Provenance: 湖北省博物馆
  • Medium: Lacquer
  • Excavation Date: 1986
  • Dynasty: Eastern Zhou Dynasty/Warring States Period, 316 B.C.
  • Dimensions: 184×46×46cm

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