The Elderly Akbar Receives Murtaza Khan

Manoharc.AD 1600

Chester Beatty

Chester Beatty
Dublin, Ireland

The Mughal rulers of India were avid patrons of painting, in particular portraiture. Even in officially commissioned paintings, Akbar (r. 1556–1605) was at times depicted rather humbly, as he is here, simply dressed and minus the accoutrements and paraphernalia of royalty included in the painting of his great-grandson Awrangzib. Bowing before Akbar is Murtaza Khan, his valued paymaster. His grandson Prince Parviz stands next to him while another grandson, Prince Khurram (the future emperor Shah Jahan), gestures towards a seated poet. These fine portraits are the work of Manohar, one of the favoured artists of the Mughal court.

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  • Title: The Elderly Akbar Receives Murtaza Khan
  • Creator: Manohar
  • Date Created: c.AD 1600
  • Physical Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Location Created: India
  • Original Source: Chester Beatty Library
  • Rights: © Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
  • Collection Number: CBL In 34.2