The Entrance Floor of the Sea-Lodge

Jean de Vallée1669-05-14

Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle

This is the entrance floor of the Sea Lodge at Skokloster. In this building the kitchen, among other things, was supposed to be located. In most stately homes you wanted the kitchen on a safe distance from the main building in case of fire.

Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel out-stretched himself when planning an extension of the large house. Due to repeated periods of ill-health, duties at court and other building projects, the Sea Lodge was never even started upon.

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  • Title: The Entrance Floor of the Sea-Lodge
  • Creator: Jean de Vallée
  • Date Created: 1669-05-14
  • Location: Skokloster, Sweden
  • Location Created: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Subject Keywords: Architecture
  • Rights: CC BY
  • External Link: Skokloster Castle
  • Medium: Ink, Watercolour, Paper