The entrance of the old museum

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum
Suzhou, China

Zhong Wang Fu (Prince Zhong's mansion), located at Dongbei Streetin Suzhou, is the most complete historic architectural complex of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom that has been preserved to the presentin China. Since Three Kingdoms, the site of mansion was always the residence of famous persons. In Yuan Dynasty, it was turned into Dahong Temple. Wang Xianchen, a Ming official censor, resigned and lived in seclusion in 1509. He built a villa named Humble Administrator's Garden, on the base of the abandoned Dahong Temple. Since then, the owner of the Garden was changed several times. In1738, the Garden was divided into two sections: the east belonging to Jiang Songxian was rebuilt and renamed as Fuyuan Garden and the west owned by Ye Shikuan was also rebuilt and became Shuyuan Garden.

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  • Title: The entrance of the old museum
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