The Escrick Ring

Yorkshire Museum400/1100

British Museum

British Museum

This gold finger-ring is set with a central sapphire and red glass. Originally it was thought that this ring (without clear parallel) was made in the late 10th or 11th centuries, but other experts have suggested a much earlier date of manufacture. Whatever the case, it was clearly owned by someone of status in the Anglo-Saxon period.

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  • Title: The Escrick Ring
  • Creator: Yorkshire Museum
  • Date Created: 400/1100
  • Physical Dimensions: 25.5 mm (diameter). Weight: 10.2g
  • Provenance: Found at Escrick, North Yorkshire
  • External Link: http://www.yorkshiremuseum.org.uk/
  • Material: Gold, sapphire, red glass
  • Copyright: Yorkshire Museum Trust (Yorkshire Museum). Purchased with the aid of grants from the Art Fund, Headley Museums Archaeological Acquisitions Fund, the MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society.