In the 1760s, under the influence of Neoclassicism, Rococo (Late Baroque) style of rolled fabric and flower bouquets were steadily replaced by striped patterns. Initially, the stripe patterns were enveloped in intertwining waves. The fabric is mostly covered in daisies, with tendril-like waves wrapping around the stripes. The stripes are composed of dots and other undulating shapes, creating a sprightly and flexible appearance reminiscent of the flowers depicted in the upper layer. The fabric is created using weft-backed structures comprising two wefts, with a five-harness satin lining weave comprising a light blue warp. The flowers are depicted through two sets of wefts consisting of dark blue and white, respectively, generating a harmonious and consistent color scheme that is refreshingly elegant.

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  • Title: The fabric covered in daisies
  • Type: Textiles
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Medium: Silk
  • Width: 52.8cm
  • Length: 82cm