The Ganges

Fuku Akino平成11年 - 平成11年

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

Those familiar with Akino will, upon seeing this work, most certainly recall her great work from 1992, River Crossing. However, although both pieces depict water buffaloes crossing a large river, when compared to the flitting, dark clouds and the overflowing, roaring Daya River as depicted in River Crossing, this work is strikingly serene. The light-filled, dream-like world of the placid Ganges river is laid out here before us. This series of works depicting large rivers continues the next year with a piece of the same title, The Ganges, a work that seems almost like an abstract painting.

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  • Title: The Ganges
  • Creator: Fuku Akino
  • Date: 平成11年 - 平成11年
  • Physical Dimensions: w233.5 x h118.8 cm
  • Type: color on paper,framed