The grave of Joseph Edward Kenny


Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

The eventual development of Glasnevin's dedicated 'republican plot' illustrates how both funerals and graves were harnessed to ideological purposes, as the genealogy of distinct causes could be reinforced by the burials of political and military figures associated with those causes taking place in close physical proximity to one another (though this could be a matter of prestige as well as of politics). This point had not been lost on some Home Rulers; after the funeral of Parnell, numerous figures associated with the Home Rule movement were buried relatively near the final resting place of the 'uncrowned king' (as Parnell was sometimes dubbed). Here is the grave of the Parnellite Home Rule MP Joseph Edward Kenny (who also served as Dublin City Coroner) adjacent to that of Parnell, which is visible in the background.

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  • Title: The grave of Joseph Edward Kenny
  • Date: 1917/2017
  • Location: Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.