The Journal of Major George Washington

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

"It was an extraordinary circumstance that so young and inexperienced a person be employed on a negotiation with which the subjects of the greatest importance were involved." - George Washington

In 1753-54, a 22-year-old George Washington traveled as emissary and diplomat deep into the Ohio territory to deliver Governor Robert Dinwiddie's order to the French forces to evacuate. The French commander's refusal to move was the gauntlet thrown that would plunge England and her colonies into the French and Indian War.

Washington kept a diary of his arduous journey from which he prepared a report to Gov. Dinwiddie upon his return. Much to his surprise, Dinwiddie immediately had it printed in Williamsburg. A London edition appeared later that same year. This rare publication (only eight copies of the Williamsburg edition survive) brought international attention to Washington and is considered the beginning of his public career and fame.

Purchase, 1988 [ML-306-M]

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  • Title: The Journal of Major George Washington