The Landscape I

Bogumiła Pręgowska2005/2005

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The individual frames, which comprise the graphics of Bogumiła Pręgowska, are fragmentary shots of a motif resembling a landscape, exposing its different elements, shown in large close-ups and often difficult to identify. These ten separate images that form a composition, mutually complementing and adding to each other, are, as can be judged, variants of the same thread. Each scene, like in the monitoring of a given space, records changes occurring in the landscape, its characteristic details, shaped by tectonic processes, or the presence of particular species of fauna and flora. The differentiation of shots, from approaching the rock surface with a mesh of cracks and lichens, to zoom-like capture of silhouettes of exotic birds, causes the impression of participation in a certain segment of the infinite nature spectacle and of simultaneous observation of its different aspects. [F. Pręgowski]

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