The Langlois bridge

Vincent van GoghMarch 1888 - 1888

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

The bridge at Langlois, near Arles, exerted an extraordinary attraction on Vincent van Gogh. He painted it several times. In this work, he employs the conspicuous diagonal and contours which he had seen in his beloved Japanese prints. Look at the road in the foreground, for example. It leads as a large diagonal into the left background.

This painting is highly discoloured. As can be seen, for example, by the fact that the cables of the bridge have over time become almost invisible.

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  • Title: The Langlois bridge
  • Creator: Vincent van Gogh
  • Date Created: March 1888 - 1888
  • Location Created: Arles, France
  • Place Part Of: France
  • Type: Landscape
  • Rights: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
  • External Link: The Langlois Bridge