"The Multitude Art Prize" Installation View

2013.4.27 - 2013.6.16

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

The Multitude Foundation and Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.) present the Multitude Art Prize in collaboration with the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA). Grounded in the concept of the “multitude,” in which the extraordinary (re)emerges from a social group undergoing a geopolitical change, the Multitude Art Prize examines the role of art and its relevance in different regions of Asia. The Multitude Foundation is a Hong Kong-based charitable trust founded to promote Asian contemporary art through international dialogue, and the Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.) is a contemporary art centre currently being developed in Wuhan that takes inspiration from the idea of the “terminus”, a place that both sends out and receives people and their ideas. UCCA is proud to host the inaugural Multitude Art Prize exhibition from April 28 – June 16, 2013 (opening April 27), as well as a special conference on April 28 placing the situation of contemporary Asian art within a global context. The exhibition, which will be held annually in a different Asian city, will feature five winning artists or artist groups representing the most creative, critical minds in a rising Asian contemporary art scene. In the accompanying programs, invited speakers, including leading Asian curators and scholars as well as Western museum directors involved in the institutional collaborative “L’Internationale,” will provide an eclectic, academic analysis of the present and future of contemporary art in Asia. (集群艺术奖是由集群基金会(Multitude Foundation)和武汉艺术总站(WH.A.T.)共同举办的当代艺术项目,旨在观测亚洲各国的当代艺术发展现状,整合地缘政治差异性中的族群概念。本项目2013年的合作伙伴为UCCA。集群基金会来自香港,是一个吸纳国际资源推进亚洲艺术的公益基金会;武汉艺术总站是目前正在武汉筹备建设的当代艺术中心,机构名称定为“总站”,旨在强调艺术中心致力于成为不同人物和想法的接收点与传送地。集群艺术奖每年在亚洲各大城市中择地举办,从纷繁丰富、不断上扬的亚洲当代艺术图景里选出最有创造力和思辨力的五位获奖艺术家和艺术小组,并开启论坛项目。今年的论坛邀请了亚洲最知名的策展人和学者,以及来自欧洲博物馆联盟“国际联盟”(L’Internationale)中的美术馆馆长作为嘉宾,围绕亚洲当代艺术的现状及未来做出综合性且具有学术价值的分析、讨论。)

This artwork was featured in the UCCA exhibition “The Multitude Art Prize,” 2013

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