'The story of my life'

Wellington Tshazibane1976-12-10

South African History Archive (SAHA)

South African History Archive (SAHA)

This document titled 'The story of my life' is Wellington Tshazibane's statement to the security police on 10 December 1976. After being arrested for alleged complicity in an explosion at the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg, Wellington Tshazibane was found hung dead in cell 311 at John Vorster Square on 11 December 1976. This statement is included in "Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square" - a DVD produced as part of this project. Included in SAHA online exhibition - 'Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square', 2012.

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  • Title: 'The story of my life'
  • Creator: Wellington Tshazibane
  • Date: 1976-12-10
  • Physical Dimensions: Access copy - jpg
  • Subject Keywords: Death in detention, John Vorster Square - JVS, Wellington Tshazibane, Security police, Sunday Times Heritage Project - STHP
  • Type: Statement
  • Coverage: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Copyright: Wellington Tshazibane
  • Collection: SAHA collection AL3282