THE TRIGGER 50/50 / The crypto pipe (water management topic)

Marko Stjepcevic and Nemanja Milicevic

Montenegro - Biennale Architettura 2016

Montenegro - Biennale Architettura 2016

Looking at satellite images of other salt pans on the Adriatic Sea, one fact took our attention: they all have direct contact with the sea. Could it be that the sustainability of the Solana Ulcinj is endangered by not being connected with the sea water in a natural way? Could this problem be solved?

One part of the saline is a crypto-depression, meaning its bottom was below sea level. We want to use this natural phenomenon in our favor.

Next to the Solana Ulcinj, the Channel Port Milena is located. It takes the water back to the sea after the salt production. Once it was one of the biggest fish hatcheries in the Adriatic. Today, thanks to sewage waste, it represents an ecological bomb. The international community has engaged in order to resolve this issue urgently. If this is done, salt water can be brought through the pipe, to the deepest pools of the saline, and then easily and cheaply transported further. This way, the Solana Ulcinj could have a certain amount of fresh seawater all year long, potentially attract different species of animals, and become more sustainable. Perhaps this is a utopian idea, but it seems logical: The Solana Ulcinj would work similar to many other salines in the region.
Whereas the salt water entering the saline has about 35 grams of salt per liter, the water that goes out has less than 0.1 grams. This remaining water is now drained through the channel Port Milena back in the sea, but it could be used for controlled irrigation for fruit and vegetables in the vicinity of the Solana Ulcinj just as well.
This is how the circle of sustainability is closed: People bring their products from the surroundings and sell them in the market of the Nova Solana Park. The small fees they pay for the rent of their stalls are used for pumping sea water into the salt pans. Because of this water, an ecosystem develops and because of this, tourists come. Because of these tourists, the distribution center can function, just as well as the hotels hotels on the Velika Plaža and the accommodation in Štoj.

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  • Title: THE TRIGGER 50/50 / The crypto pipe (water management topic)
  • Creator: Marko Stjepcevic and Nemanja Milicevic