The Uncanny

Léonard Pongo

Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival

  • Title: The Uncanny
  • Creator: Léonard Pongo
  • Date: 2015
  • Photographer: Léonard Pongo
  • About the series: I started documenting the Democratic Republic of Congo during the elections in 2001.This project offers a vision of the country from within. This body of work is an attempt to translate the everyday situation of a country which is still undergoing the collateral impact of long-running conflicts. This project arises from my own aspiration to visualize my country from a different perspective.
  • About the Photographer: Léonard Pongo studied Social Sciences at Maastricht University. After his training in documentary photography, Pongo had worked at different regions in Europe. He is currently focusing on South-East Asia and Congo DR. His work, The Uncanny won him several titles and got featured in The Guardian, CNN and others. He is also a tutor at Obscura festival 2015.
  • #DPF2015: 2015

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