The Woven Checkered Khes

Craft Revival Trust

Craft Revival Trust

Mixed-checkered double-weave.
Woven with cotton yarn.
View of the obverse and reverse patterened sides.

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  • Title: The Woven Checkered Khes
  • Location: Panipat, Haryana
  • Type: Textiles
  • Medium: silk, cotton
  • History of Technique or Style: The Khes, traditionally woven in both silk and cotton with its geometric mixed-checkered double-weaves, with its obverse and reverse sides appearing differently were truly worthy of acclaim. Amongst several designs were the Shahi-khanis or royal-squares that were interwoven with gold and silver metallic zari yarns, comparable in cost and beauty to the Jamevar shawls of Kashmir. The patterns and color choices often specific to economic status, communities and religious beliefs.
  • Creator: Weaver : Khem Raj Sundariyal