Tim Murray-Browne portrait

Tim Murray-Browne2014

Sound and Music

Sound and Music

Tim Murray-Browne is an artist and creative coder based in London. Recently completing a residency with London's Music Hackspace through Sound and Music, he works primarily with interactive installation and performance pieces that investigate themes of discovery, self-expression and how these relate through action, movement and sound. His recent work includes The Cave of Sounds, an interactive sound installation exploring collective music-making and the organic emergence of musical ensemble within the experimental music-tech scene. Murray-Browne graduated from Oxford University in 2008 and completed his PhD on Interactive Music at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London in 2012. His work has been shown around the world at venues including The Barbican, Berkeley Art Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

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  • Title: Tim Murray-Browne portrait
  • Creator: Tim Murray-Browne
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: United Kingdom


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