Title Unknown

Saad Yagan2015

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait

"My art is universal as it portrays human feelings and psychology. Love, jealousy and other human feelings are the same whether you are in Japan, Denmark, Syria or Sudan. From boredom, to depression, to loneliness, I want to reveal what people are thinking. People mix in coffee shops and public places but deep down inside, they have a completely separate psychology and are each on their own. My main aim is to illustrate oppressed people who are aware of their problems but unwilling to find a solution. I want viewers to receive that message and think whether maybe they can do something. Wherever there is a humanitarian crisis, the message in my paintings applies" -Saad Yagan

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  • Title: Title Unknown
  • Creator: Saad Yagan
  • Date Created: 2015
  • Location Created: Syria
  • Physical Dimensions: 40 cm
  • Medium: Glazed Porcelain