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Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Ángel León learned to fish with his father in the Bay of Cádiz. His love for the sea has become the trademark of his cuisine, earning him the nickname "Chef of the Sea." In 2007 he opened the first Aponiente, where he began researching uses for discarded fish (he makes seafood sausages with them), seaweed, and plankton. Since 2015, Aponiente has been located in a tide mill on the outskirts of Cádiz. As well as cooking, they also work on recovering the estuary and the surrounding salt pans.

Ángel León has done a lot of research using different marine ingredients, which he has brilliantly incorporated into his cuisine. He is to thank for using plankton to create "embutidos de mar" or "sausages from the sea."

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  • Location: Puerto de Santa María, Spain
  • Rights: Copyright ICEX / Dpto. Multimedia / ICEX
  • Restaurant: Aponiente
  • Photographer: Fernando Madariaga / ICEX
  • Chef: Ángel León