To Pablo Naruda

Milovan Stanić1973

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Milovan Stanić (1929 – 1989) moved in a circle of artists gathered around Kosta Strajnić, and then enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, which he quit and then moved back to Dubrovnik. He was primarily an urban artist, finding his subjects on the street and squares, in lively communications; the portrait is a dominant part of his oeuvre. Except in his beginnings, he has mainly used a muted colouring, reduced to greys and browns, and the experience of neo-Realism and Existentialism is patent in his painting. Stanić also did symbolic compositions with ironical contents, the consequence of his re-examination of the world, the urban and natural environment.

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  • Title: To Pablo Naruda
  • Creator: Milovan Stanić
  • Date Created: 1973