Tri-color Chinese Zodiac Figurines (Three Pieces)

Yangzhou Museum

Yangzhou Museum

Excavated in Yangzhou Institute of Agricultural Science in 1984, the three pieces belong to the pottery series on the theme of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The three standing figurines with human body and animal head, namely, chicken, dragon and horse, wear traditional Chinese long robes with broad sleeves and crossed front panels fixed with a belt around the waist. All the three have their hands crossed and placed in front of the chest. With unglazed heads exposing the white pottery body, these statuettes are decorated with light yellow glaze on the outerwear, brown and green glaze on the cuffs and plackets, creating a well-mixed multi-layer color palette.

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  • Title: Tri-color Chinese Zodiac Figurines (Three Pieces)
  • Provenance: Yangzhou Museum
  • Physical Size: Height: 21-22.5 cm
  • Dynasty: Tang (618 - 907)