Triumph after the victory on Pisa

Giorgio Vasari1563/1565

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

After 14 years of war, Pisa surrenders in the year 1509. The painting represents the return to Florence of its victorious army: “following the Roman traditions, I have featured the chariot and the army preceding the prisoners, above which we find triumphant Florence pulled by four white horses and crowned with towers...and the florentine people celebrating the victory”. Photo: Simone Lampredi

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  • Title: Triumph after the victory on Pisa
  • Date Created: 1563/1565
  • painter: Giorgio Vasari
  • Theme: historical subject
  • Second artist name: Jan Van der Straet (known as Giovanni Stradano)
  • Second artist death place: Firenze
  • Second artist death date: 1605
  • Second artist birth place: Bruges
  • Second artist birth date: 1523
  • Physical Dimensions: w540 x h540 cm (Complete)
  • Period: Mannerism
  • Original title: Trionfo dopo la vittoria su Pisa
  • Type: oil painting on wood
  • Rights: Comune di Firenze, Comune di Firenze


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