uMbalo blanket, detail

Southern Nguni

Social Fabric

Social Fabric
Cape Town, South Africa

Felt blankets were first introduced to South Africa by the missionaries to attire the natives, who would have worn very little, in a suitably Christian way. However, blankets came to be adapted by some of the populace. For instance, the blanket shown was made by a member of the Southern Nguni clan. It would have been originally white and without the embellishments. The blanket is one in a collection at the Iziko South African National Gallery.

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  • Title: uMbalo blanket, detail
  • Creator: Southern Nguni
  • Location Created: South Africa
  • Provenance: South Africa
  • Fashion Show: Social Fabric felt/feel project part 1
  • Type: photograph, of blanket
  • Photographer: Yasmin Hankel
  • Original Source: Carol Kaufmann
  • Rights: Social Fabric
  • Medium: blanket made in England, beads, animal skins, ochre, blood