Untitled (Fachada II)

Anna Malagrida2002

Fundacion MAPFRE

Fundacion MAPFRE

  • Title: Untitled (Fachada II)
  • Date Created: 2002
  • Physical Dimensions: w138 x h99 cm (Without frame, without passepartout)
  • Photographer: Anna Malagrida
  • Color print mounted on dibbond: 2002
  • Artist Biography: Anna Malagrida (1970) “I started photographing the Montparnasse building just as night was falling. I was interested in the dialogue struck up between the illuminated interior scenes and the building's external facade in the semi-darkness. The geometry of the facade allowed me to imagine what was happening inside but also suggested the same sensation of isolation and fragility that is found in large modern cities.” These words by Anna Malagrida are a reference to Interiores [Interiors], the portrait series she produced between 2000 and 2002 which depicts the daily life of a group of people from the “village Mouchotte", a large residential complex designed by the architect Jean Dubuisson near Montparnasse, in Paris. The figures of Javier & Anna (2001) and Cristina (2001) are observed in the twilight through the illuminated windows of their home, turning the viewer into a voyeur, a phenomenon that also occurs in other works from the series, such as Fachada VIII (Facade VIII, 2002) and Fachada IX (Facade IX, 2002). Interiores, a series from which Fundación MAPFRE owns numerous prints, reflects on the looks and glances whose paths cross in the relationship between the private and the public realms, clearly revealing the loneliness inherent to contemporary life in the big city. The glazed grid of windows becomes a frontier in the modern living space that usually exposes everything to the public gaze, a “fogged” frontier that sometimes allows the viewer to guess at―or rather, imagine―the private place occupied by the “other”, generating a space in the beyond which, as the author points out, allows us to “see things from a different perspective”. Anna Malagrida was born in Barcelona in 1970. After earning a degree in Information Sciences she decided to continue her photography studies at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. During the early years of her career she juggled her responsibilities as a teacher of the history of photography with work on her own projects, but in 1998 she came into contact with Galería Senda in Barcelona and started holding solo shows there. Her move to Paris in 2000 coincided with the beginning of her Interiores series. From that moment on she began to explore the idea of opposition between interior and exterior through apartment-block windows, shop windows, veils and frontiers, inviting the viewer to rethink different spaces and generating new ways of seeing. In 2002 she participated in the Paris festival Mois de la Photo and PHotoEspaña in Madrid. Three years later, in 2005, she received the Prix au Projet at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles and a monograph on her work, entitled Anna Malagrida. Fotografías e instalaciones (1999-2006) was published. After receiving a grant to carry out a project in the city of Amman, entitled Vistas veladas [Fogged Views], Malagrida turned to video installation (Danza de Mujer [Dance of a Woman]), and since then has developed a growing interest in this genre. In 2007 she started working with Galerie RX in Paris and Figge von Rosen Galerie in Cologne, and in 2010 Fundación MAPFRE organised the first retrospective ever dedicated to her oeuvre. Today her work can be found in some of the most important national and international art collections. Leyre Bozal
  • Type: Photography
  • Rights: © Anna Malagrida, ©COLECCIONES FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE / Fernando Maquieira