Untitled sc/ab/102/2001

Sophie Coombs2001

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Sophie Coombs' multi-disciplinary artistic practice includes drawing, the production of artist's books, sculpture and installation. These intricately drawn works on paper testify to an obsessive, detailed drawing practice, on which the artist works for concentrated periods of time. For Coombs, 'metaphysical drawing' is a meditative activity as well as a way of comprehending the imaginary and the material world. Thoughts are reproduced as patterns, and drawing becomes a form of writing, akin to keeping a journal. The link between stream-of-consciousness and the activity of the hand is paramount. Starting with a blank piece of paper, and using felt and fountain pens, Coombs gradually fills the surface with small conjoined freehand circles that play with difference in line, texture and tone. Working on a drawing over a period of months, Coombs' composition as she describes it will 'unfold'. The immersive process is the key rather than the pursuit of a particular result.

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  • Title: Untitled sc/ab/102/2001
  • Creator: Sophie Coombs
  • Date Created: 2001
  • Physical Dimensions: w65 x h97 x d12 cm
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Rights: Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased with funds provided by the Coe and Mordant families, 2006. Image courtesy and copyright the artist.
  • External Link: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
  • Medium: artist book, 98 pages ink on paper, satin cover

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