Urania's mirror : or, A view of the heavens.

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium
Chicago, United States

Title and imprint from engraved paper label pasted inside lid of box. -- This library does not have the accompanying book. Cards and book issued in a box in the form of a book with the spine title: Urania's mirror. The base of the spine reads: G. Biggs, 421 Strand. George Biggs was the successor to the business of Leigh & Co. He was in business at this address between 1842 and 1857, cf. British Book Trade Index. Each tissue-backed hand-coloured card depicts a major constellation with pierced holes corresponding to the size and magnitudes of the brightest stars. Held up to the light, they give a realistic representation of the constellation patterns, guiding the young astronomer around the night sky. Cards and plates in the book engraved by Sidney Hall. Contains celestial cartography in the form of cards (plates) with regional and individual constellation drawings, from both the northern and southern hemisphere, internal perspective, as follows: Plate 1: Draco and Ursa Minor; Plate 2: Camelopardalis, Tarandus, and Custos Messium; Plate 3: Cassiopeia; Plate 4: Cepheus; Plate 5: Frederici Honores, Andromeda,Triangulum; Plate 6: Perseus (the asterism "Caput Medusae" is included in the title for this plate, even though not indicated as a separate entity); Plate 7: Auriga; Plate 8: Lynx and (obsolete constellation) Telescopium Herschelii; Plate 9: Ursa Major; Plate 10: Bootes, Canes Venatici, Coma Berenices, and Quadrans Muralis; Plate 11: Hercules and Corona Borealis; labels asterisms/obsolete constellations of Cerberus and Ramus Pomifer; Plate 12: Serpens, Ophiuchus, and Scutum, obsolete constellation Taurus Poniatowski; Plate 13: Delphinus, Sagitta, Aquila, and (obsolete constellation) Antinous; Plate 14: Lacerta, Cygnus, Lyra, Vulpecula [and Anser], antiquated name for Vulpecula that reflects the little fox and goose merged; Plate 15: Pegasus and Equuleus; Plate 16: Aries and Musca Borealis; Plate 17: Taurus; Pleiades depicted with star names labeled for each star; Plate 18: Gemini; Plate 19: Cancer; Plate 20: Leo and Leo Minor; Plate 21: Virgo; Plate 22: Libra; Plate 23: Scorpius; Plate 24: Sagittarius, Corona Australis, Microscopium, Telescopium; Plate 25: Capricornus; Plate 26: Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus, and Globus Aerostaticus; Plate 27: Pisces; Plate 28: Cetus, Eridanus, Sculptor, Fornax, obsolete constellations Psalterium Georgii and Machina Electrica; Plate 29: Orion; Plate 30: Canis Major, Lepus, Columba, Caelum; Plate 31: Monoceros, Canis Minor, obsolete constellation Officina Typographica; Plate 32: Centaurus, Crater, Hydra, Lupus, Corvus, Sextans, Antlia, Pyxis, Argo Navis.


  • Title: Urania's mirror : or, A view of the heavens.
  • Type: book

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