Vaikuntha - Kamalaja

National Museum - New Delhi

National Museum - New Delhi

The composite image of Vasudeva and Lakshmi known also as Vaikuntha -Kamalaja
, Lakshmi-Vasudeva, Lakshmi-Narayana and even Ardhalakshmihari is the androgynous form of Vishnu and Lakshmi. The androgynous deity stands in samapada posture on a lotus pitha. The right half is that of Vishnu and the left half is that of Lakshmi. The image is eight-armed, the right side holding Vishnu's emblems viz. chakra (wheel), sankha (conch), gada (mace) and padma (lotus) and the corresponding left holding those of Lakshmi viz. kalasa (pot), darpana (mirror), saroja (lotus) and pustaka (vidya- book). An unusual feature is the manner in which the hair is tied as jata only on Vishnu’s side, since he usually wears a mukuta.

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  • Title: Vaikuntha - Kamalaja
  • Date Created: Circa 16th Century CE
  • Location: Nepal
  • Physical Dimensions: Ht. 26.0 cm., Wd. 19.0 cm., Dep. 8.0 cm.
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Dynasty: Circa

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