View from Mount Lofty, looking towards the Port, across the Adelaide Plains

George French Angas1847

State Library of South Australia

State Library of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia

Plate 10: Part of the text accompanying the illustration reads 'the eye wanders down a succession of gullies formed by the intersection of the abrupt hills on either side, which are scattered with gum trees, and carpeted with verdant grass: at the bottom of the valley is a serpentine stream, that flows from a waterfall of about sixty feet, down a perpendicular wall of rock below the spot from whence this sketch is taken; beyond lie the Plains of Adelaide in a state of cultivation, and to the right extend those of Parra and Gawler, till they melt away in the extreme distance; nearly opposite the mouth of the gully, the windings of the harbour are seen stretched out as on a map, with the buildings of Port Adelaide just visible when the sun is shining on them; the view is bounded by the waters of Gulf St Vincent, with the opposite shore of Yorkes' Peninsula clearly discernable on the horizon. The time for this sketch is in the month of July (midwinter) when the rains have clothed the hills and vallies of South Australia with a garment of the most brilliant green'

This is one of 60 coloured lithographs found in the 1847 edition of 'South Australia Illustrated' by colonial artist George French Angas, together with a descriptive passage for each. The lithograph was created by J.W. Giles from Angas' original painting. The date assigned is assumed to be approximately when the lithographs were created; the original paintings were done in earlier years.

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  • Title: View from Mount Lofty, looking towards the Port, across the Adelaide Plains
  • Creator: Angas, George French (1822-1886), Giles, JW
  • Date Published: 1847
  • Location: Mount Lofty
  • Physical Dimensions: 243 x 343 mm
  • Original Language: English
  • Publisher: Thomas M'Lean, London
  • Original Source: http://www.catalog.slsa.sa.gov.au:80/record=b2793076~S1
  • Rights: This work is out of copyright.No copyright restrictions apply.
  • Medium: lithograph