Visigoth burial


Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

In sediments accumulated on the ruins of Christian building of the fourth century A.D. existing in the city center, was documented a burial of two people in a mass grave dating from the seventh century A.D. thanks to the discovery of a Visigoth buckle at the waist of one of them.

The analysis of the preserved bones and their position revealed two killings whose bodies were hidden in the mass grave. The person who is in the lower level was thrown into the grave when he was already dead, being with outstretched arms and legs bent to the right by inertia; and the person who is at the top level could be killed in the same place, as shown by the arms in defense position.

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  • Title: Visigoth burial
  • Date Created: 600/699
  • Location: Archaeological Site of Cástulo, Linares (Jaén) - España
  • Provenance: Monumental area of Cástulo