Wari pottery, god of the two staffs

Wari Artisans700 A.D. - 1200 A.D.

Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum

Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum

Ceramic sculptural piece which represents a Wari nobleman. His posture is like the the god of the staffs. It represents a character who is wearing a four-cornered hat and a robe with two stripes on it. His hands have holes where he might hold two sticks or crosiers that were not found with this piece.

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  • Title: Wari pottery, god of the two staffs
  • Creator: Wari Artisans
  • Date Created: 700 A.D. - 1200 A.D.
  • Location: Amano Precolumbian Textile Museum, Lima
  • Physical Dimensions: Height 287 mm x Diameter 230
  • Provenance: Donation
  • Subject Keywords: Ceramic, vessel, Huari, Wari, god of the two staffs
  • Type: Utilitarian and ceremonial object
  • External Link: Amano Precolumbian Textile Museum
  • Medium: Ceramic