Water bowl with the Mahosadha Jataka

Workshop of Hsaya Bay and Daw Ma Ma AungAround 1930

British Museum

British Museum

Large red water bowl, 'ye khwet gyi', on raised foot. Decorated in 'yun' (incised) technique with the 'nan dwin' ('King-at-court') design in red, yellow and green on black. Royal figures are placed in front of a backdrop of spired wooden palace buildings with a fortification wall behind. The main court of the king is shown twice, once on each side of the bowl. He is depicted centrally, beneath the tallest spire, and with courtiers around him on either side, half-sitting and half-lying in the manner demanded by palace etiquette. The narrative is the Mahosadha Jataka, one of the stories of the Buddha’s previous lives. Made of coiled bamboo strips, pigment, and lacquer. Inscribed.

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  • Title: Water bowl with the Mahosadha Jataka
  • Creator: Workshop of Hsaya Bay and Daw Ma Ma Aung
  • Date Created: Around 1930
  • Physical Dimensions: Height: 23.8 centimetres x Width: 28.7 centimetres x Depth: 28.5 centimetres
  • Production place: Salay, Mandalay division, central Myanmar
  • Material: Lacquer on coiled bamboo
  • Copyright: © Trustees of the British Museum
  • British Museum link: 1991,1023.66