Weapons and Banners Fund

National Museum of History of Azerbaijan2009

National History Museum of Azerbaijan

National History Museum of Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan

Fund of Modern History was one of the first funds established in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan. It was renamed in Fund of Weapons and Banners after structural reorganizations of museum in 2009. Over 2200 exhibits are maintained in the fund. Basic part of Weapons and Banners Fund comprises various types of protective, cold steel and fire-arms. Helmets, armoured panoply, swords, pistols and rifles, guns, zenburak and others belonged to Middle Ages and New Age prove that arm production is in the highest level in Azerbaijan. Scripts, sugar-plum, geometrical ornaments, golden and silver trimmings, as well as preparation of blade and muzzles of qualitative steel kind testify high professionalizm of weapon masters of that period.

Weapons of Caucasus, Western Europe, Russia and Eastern arms belonged to late XIX century-early XX century are kept in the fund.

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  • Title: Weapons and Banners Fund
  • Creator: National Museum of History of Azerbaijan
  • Date Created: 2009
  • Location: Azerbaijan, Baku
  • Physical Dimensions: 2200 exhibits